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Journey of images: 44 pictures of Lisbon – Europe’s most beautiful capital

You can be in love with Lisbon for many different reasons - the cultural attractions, the historical monuments and the architecture, because of the large number of shopping opportunities, the awesome restaurants and the vibrant nightlife or because of the total package. The Portuguese capital is among the best cities for a diversified city trip. Neither too small nor to big, most of the time it’s sunny and it is always exciting. The city of the seven hills makes every visit a special experience. By looking though the following Lisbon photographs, you will get a great impression of all the things this dynamic city has to offer.

Come with us on a journey of images in 44 pictures through the trendy, relaxed and most of all extremely beautiful Lisbon. I´m already in love – now it’s your turn!


Welcome to Portugal! This man likes to show off his country’s colours on the Praça do Comércio.

Photo: Ines Costa Monteiro

Even though the streets in the “city of the seven hills“ are constantly going up- and downhill, the best way to explore the historical center is by foot.

The streets of Lisbon are often paved with cobble stones. To the frustration of the residents most of them are pretty slippery. That´s why you probably should leave your high heels at home!

Photo: Ines Costa Monteiro

If you feel like the steep hills and slippery streets are too exhausting, you will be very happy about the huge numbers of Tuk Tuks existing in Lisbon. In an environmentally friendly way, they take visitors to all of the nicest spots to take photographs.

You can also find jewellery, books, pottery and even soccer fans will find something. Anyone who wishes to take in a Benfica Lisbon game will be able to find a scarf, flag, sweater, hat and many other red-white club items. 


Or you simply take the tram! The yellow cable cars are Lisbon trademark. Shown here as a miniature version you can take back home. Only the mandatory Graffiti is missing. Some of the trams operate like an elevator, connecting the upper city with the lower city. To get up and down the hill costs 3.60 € and you can avoid the exhausting climb.

The Graffiti on the trams are illegal and a public nuisance for many but on this wall artists have the permission to immortalise themselves officially.

Wherever you go keep an eye out and your camera ready. Blue tiles (Azulejos) decorate the facades of houses in Lisbon.

Sometimes the Azulejos are even yellow or green or decorated with Graffiti like you can see here.

At the street market, Feira da Ladra, you can purchase these beautiful tiles as a reminder of Lisbon. Vandals are stealing them directly from house facades, so please pay attention to whether the tiles are damaged or not, in order to stop this illegal actions.

The Azulejos look best where they belong: On the house façade.

At the market Feira da Ladra you can find beautiful, useful and even ridiculous things. For example this typical Portuguese ceramic Barn Swallows. For centuries they have been used to decorate houses, gardens and rooms all over the country. The swallows are still handmade and produced by small scale manufactures. What a lovely tradition!

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. Oh Lisbon, I would love to stay here.


For three days the Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel is my home. The hotel has undergone extensive renovations and reopened its doors in April 2017 for visitors, with a new façade and newly renovated rooms. Avani Lisbon is located very centrally and is the perfect starting point for your discovery tour through Lisbon.

The interior is friendly and modern; the capacity of the hotel is 119 rooms and also has a fitness area and a hotel-owned restaurant “Olivier”, ran by Olivier da Costa, one of the most famous Portuguese chefs.

Small details like this sweet little courtesy consisting of Pastel de Nata and port make your stay at Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel a special experience.

The Portuguese Blogger Ana Garcia Martins hosted me during my stay in Lisbon and she showed me the most beautiful corners of her hometown

Like this interesting building, the Elevador de Santa Justa. For over 100 years this elevator has connected the city district of Baixa with the higher located city district of Chiado.

Rua Augusa, with its impressive triumphal arch, is the biggest and most magnificent shopping street of Lisbon. Consequently it is also the most crowded as it attracts many tourists.

Like the “Pink Street“. Originally this street was called Rua Nova do Carvalho and is located in a former notorious area. Nowadays it is a popular nightlife area. In the evening the “Pink Street” is so crowded you can hardly see the pink colour on the street floor. Nobody could explain to me why the floor is pink. Maybe you will find out …

A city needs a river. The river of Lisbon is called Tagus and originates from a Spanish mountain range that flows from Lisbon into the Atlantic.

The 25 de Abril Bridge is compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and that´s not without reason. After all the steel which was used to build the Tagus Bridge was imported from the USA. This is a great place for a short break by the water.

Currently one of the hot spots of Lisbon: The LX Factory is a former fabric factory, which today is a melting pot for designers, gastronomes and creative minds. In small little shops you will find everything from regional and handmade items, jewellery, furniture, art and much more.

As a Berliner I immediately felt at home at LX Factory thanks to the alternative flair, the shabby-chic halls and street art.

Every first Monday of the month there is a design market at LX Factory. Here you can buy amongst many other things jewellery like this beautiful bracelet.

Here you will also find the book store Ler Devagar. Novels, non-fiction books, illustrated books in Portuguese, English, German … The former fabric hall is completely stuffed with books. Above all of it is this flying biker – a visual interpretation of “reading inspires the imagination”.

While drinking a coffee or sipping on a cocktail on the rooftop of the Rio Maravilha you will have an amazing view. Additionally the life-sized female sculpture provides a great photo opportunity.

So much to see, so little time! Despite your busy schedule, take the time to just relax for a moment and enjoy this beautiful city! Are you already in love with sunny Lisbon like me in this pic?

Even though the amazing dishes at Solar dos Presuntos have been tasted by quite a few celebrities; the owner was the most pleased about the visit of Christiano Ronaldo. The football player is a hero for the Portuguese; loved by many, hated by some, but honoured by everyone.

I´m in love with Sushi and Berlin definitely has some good sushi restaurants, but none of them can compete with Yakuza First Floor in Lisbon. A unique taste experience!

This treat is a must-have during every visit to Lisbon: Pastel de Nata. You can buy these pastries from specialty bakeries. Often you can see the preparation live and afterwards enjoy the freshly baked small vanilla cakes for only one Euro each.

Because of all the hills there are also many great views. The Sky Bar on the rooftop of the Hotel Tivoli offers maybe the most beautiful one. Here you can enjoy the sunset while sipping on a delicious cocktail and listening to relaxed beats.

A very unique taste experience was this cocktail in the Sky Bar. Sweetilicious – The name speaks for itself: Gin, vanilla syrup, chocolate syrup, tea, lemon, basil and egg white. That already is a pretty unique combination, but the most unusual is the garnish. First of all it looks pretty and secondly he small yellow flower that takes centre stage holds a secret. If you eat it your mouth will tingle and you become deaf, a little bit like you feel when visiting the dentist. Why would you drink that though? Because afterwards a sip of your cocktail creates completely new nuances of flavour. Pretty crazy, but also surprisingly delicious. And the best is: The amazing panoramic view over the city is gratis!

Because of all the hills there are also many great views. The Sky Bar on the rooftop of the Hotel Tivoli offers maybe the most beautiful one. Here you can enjoy the sunset while sipping on a delicious cocktail and listening to relaxed beats.

The Sky Bar is just a stone’s throw away from my accommodation, the Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel.

In June the streets are decorated and Portuguese traditions come alive, almost like during the carnival in Rio. The reason for that is the Saint Anthony Festival, a massive street festival that transforms Lisbon into the biggest party city in Europe. Perfect for getting beautiful pictures of Lisbon!

One of the traditions is to buy this small basil plant, called Manjerico, for a loved one. You can buy Manjerico and other plants from these ladies.

Next to the small plant, in the flower pot, is a colourful paper flower and a love poem for your sweetheart, the city, or the holy Saint Anthony.

Photo: Ines Costa Monteiro

Manjerico is a wild type of Basil which has an intense aroma. But be aware: It is said that if you smell the plant with your nose it will die but if you instead hold your hand over the plant and then smell your hand, the Manjerico will survive. Of course it also needs water and sun.

Small details like this sweet little courtesy consisting of Pastel de Nata and port make your stay at Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel a special experience.

During my journey I´m was delighted to be able to take snapshots of daily life and the people like this one of a somehow skeptical looking old gentleman.

Or this snapshot of a boy who seems to be celebrating the sun by doing a handstand on a fountain. This is one of my most favorite pictures from Lisbon!

My pictures of Lisbon are ending with one more fantastic panoramic view over the city. Adeus e até breve – Good bye and see you soon! And thank you for the amazing pictures, Lisbon!

Author: Franziska Emma Schmitt 

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