Enjoy a worry-free stay upon your return to Thailand with a quarantine staycation experience combining sweeping river views, modern comforts and genuine warmth. In partnership with the nearby Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel offers a 15-night, government-approved quarantine packages complete with world-class healthcare services.

All our Alternative State Quarantine packages have been developed in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, guaranteeing the highest levels of healthcare. Whether you are a Thai citizen, an international traveller, or an expatriate returning to your family, our all-inclusive, government-approved packages ensure safe and comfortable stays.


Kick back in comfort and privacy in our bright and spacious rooms and suites. All our spaces are decked out with everything you need for your quarantine stay – complimentary WiFi, 40" TVs with local and international channels, comfy furnishings, work desk and spectacular city views.


· Accommodation
· Full-board meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner
· Complimentary WiFi and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) entertainment
· Designated area for COVID-19 screening tests
· Large riverfront relaxation area

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· Pick up transfer service from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang Airport to the hotel
· Total of 2 times COVID-19 screening
· 24-hour nurse on duty for twice daily temperature checks and for other health - related needs whilst under quarantine
· Official COVID-19-free certificate on departure day

Required documents


Documents Required to Enter Thailand for DCIO Staff

Please note that the documents list below is intended as an overall guide to what you will need to re-enter Thailand and stay at our hotel. Required documents are subject to change at short notice and may vary according to your personal circumstances. Please consult your nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate for the most up to date list of required documents.

(Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts and International Organisations)

  1. Flight details or eTicket
  2. Copy of passport or diplomatic ID
  3. Copy of visa to enter Thailand
  4. Signed Pre-arrival Screening Form
  5. Certificate of Entry into the Kingdom of Thailand (entry permission letter)
  6. FIT to FLY letter
  7. Negative COVID-19 test result (not more than 72 hours before departing)
  8. Declaration form
  9. Letter of guarantee of healthcare insurance (covering all medical treatments, including COVID-19, up to at least USD 100,000)
  10. Address after quarantine (the next destination you will visit after you finish state quarantine)
  11. Letter of consent to quarantine in Alternative State Quarantine for 15 nights for children under 18 years old
  12. Indemnity record (for communicable disease control)

Alternative State Quarantine with Avani


Frequently asked questions

For any additional information not provided below, please contact our dedicated specialists on +66 (0) 2 365 9114 or +1-844-646-6724 (US Toll Free)

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Q1. Is Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel?

Yes, Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel is a certified Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility as certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Defence.

Q2. How do ASQ guests travel from the airport to the hotel?

The hotel’s ASQ packages include airport transfer by Bangpakok 9 International Hospital from your arrival airport. It is a sharing van with maximum capacity of 4 guests per van. Seating arrangements align with social distancing measures and are approved by Thai Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). Private vans are available with a supplemental charge of THB 2,000 per van.

Q3. Are ASQ guests tested for COVID-19 at the hotel?

Yes. Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel works in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital to look after the health and safety of ASQ guests at the hotel. ASQ guests undergo 2 COVID-19 screening tests during their stay. ASQ guests undergo a twice-daily compulsory temperature check.

Q4. What happens if an ASQ guest tests positive for COVID-19 at the hotel?

The guest will be transferred and admitted to Bangpakok 9 International Hospital by certified medical staff in line with the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.

Q5. Are ASQ guests allowed to leave their rooms?

No, except under the following circumstances:

  • Negative COVID-19 test result after 4 days – Under the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols guests in the dedicated and isolated quarantine facility are confined exclusively to their rooms, but may leave their room for 1.5 hours per day to get some fresh air in an isolated area after they have tested negative for COVID-19.
  • Housekeeping service – Servicing of ASQ guest rooms takes place every 3rd day during a guest’s stay once they have passed the first COVID test. Guests are required to remain outside the room while the housekeeper services it.

Q6. Are ASQ guests allowed to use the hotel’s swimming pool?

No, under ASQ certification guests in quarantine are not allowed to enter the swimming pool for recreational use or exercising.

Q7. Are ASQ guests allowed to use the hotel’s spa and gym?

Yes. Spa and gym can be used after the second COVID test on day 12. Selected gym and exercise equipment is available to rent, subject to availability – please contact the hotel for details or to reserve specific equipment.

Q8. Are ASQ guests allowed to visit each other in their rooms?

No. ASQ guests can socialise for 1.5 hours per day in the dedicated isolated area in accordance with the compulsory protocols and health and safety measures relating to physical distancing as set out by the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA).

Q9. Is the hotel limited to ASQ guests only, or can anyone stay at or visit the hotel’s facilities?

The hotel is also accepting regular guests. However, ASQ guests are housed on certain floors of the hotel that cannot be accessed by other guests. Under ASQ certification, ASQ guests are confined exclusively to their rooms in dedicated and isolated areas and have no access to the hotel’s public facilities and public areas.

Q10. Why do ASQ guests have to stay in the hotel for 15 nights instead of 14 nights?

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health requires ASQ guests to quarantine for 14 full days and counts the date of arrival in Thailand as Day 0, irrespective of the arrival time in the country on that day.

Q11. Are ASQ guests allowed to receive visitors from outside the hotel?


Q12. What kind of food does the hotel provide?

International and Asian, with a rotating menu every two days.

Q13. Does the hotel offer halal food?

No. We can provide food without pork or lard, but our kitchen is not halal certified.

Q14. Can married couples share a hotel room?

Yes. A copy of the couple’s marriage or partnership certificate must be submitted when making the Alternative State Quarantine hotel reservation.

Q15. Can families share a hotel room?

Yes, subject to the maximum occupants allowed per selected room or suite type. A copy of the parents’ marriage certificate must be submitted when making the Alternative State Quarantine hotel reservation.

Q16. Can friends or unmarried couples share a hotel room?

No. Only married couples and families can share a room.

Q17. Do infants stay for free?

No. A supplement for infants applies. This includes 2 COVID-19 screening tests, a twice-daily compulsory temperature check and healthcare services by Bangpakok 9 International Hospital.

Q18. Does the hotel supply baby food, diapers and other amenities for infants?

Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel supplies basic children’s’ amenities in rooms. For infants, parents are required to bring items such as baby food and diapers along. Cold storage facilities for baby food are available upon request. Deliveries from online shopping are allowed (please see conditions relating to deliveries to hotel rooms). In addition the hotel can assist in buying essential items from shops nearby.

Q19. Is smoking allowed in guest rooms?

No. Smoking is not permitted in guest rooms under any circumstances. A THB 30,000 cleaning fee will apply in cases where guests are found to have smoked in their rooms.

Q20. Are kids’ menus available for meals?


Q21. Are pets allowed in hotel rooms?


Q.22 Can ASQ guests receive deliveries?

Yes, under the following conditions (please note that messaging services are strictly prohibited):

  • The guest must inform the hotel of the delivery in advance, including date of delivery and estimated time of arrival.
  • Upon delivery, the hotel is required to open and inspect the contents, then reseal the package in the presence of the delivery person, before delivering it to the guest’s room.
  • For deliveries of prescription medicines, guests must provide a prescription and this has to be authorised by the hotel’s nurse.
  • Items prohibited for delivery include food and beverage, alcohol, narcotics, weapons and ammunition.

Q23. Can ASQ guests receive food deliveries from family and friends?

Yes, under the following conditions:

  • Only family member, friend or someone related to the guest may deliver the food to the hotel – food deliveries by messenger or food delivery services are not allowed.
  • Deliverer must present his or her Thai ID card or passport upon the delivery of the food at the hotel.
  • The guest must sign a disclaimer letter upon receiving the food.

Q24. Do I need to pay for my ASQ stay in advance?

A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation when booking Avani River View Rooms and Avani Panorama River View Rooms. The remaining balance can be paid on arrival.

Full prepayment is required at the time of reservation when booking all other room types except Avani River View Rooms and Avani Panorama River View Rooms.

Q25. Can I cancel or change an ASQ reservation?

In case of a room cancellation or no show, the advance payment is non-refundable. If the cancellation is due to one or more of the following factors a refund may be considered if documents with evidence are submitted at least 48 hours prior to arrival:

  • Denial of Certificate of Entry
  • Positive COVID-19 test result

In case of a change of stay dates, the hotel must be notified in writing 48 hours in advance of the original arrival date and the rebooking is subject to room availability on the new requested dates.

Q26.Can ASQ guests extend their stay at the hotel after the completion of the compulsory quarantine period?

Guests are welcome to stay at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok, by contacting our guest services/ front office team.

Q27. Can hotel visitors come into contact with ASQ guests?

No. ASQ guests stay alone in quarantine at the hotel’s dedicated and isolated ASQ facility and do not encounter other visitors or ASQ guests during their compulsory 15-night stay. ASQ guests arrive at the hotel directly from the airport in a specially designed vehicle upon entering Thailand and enter the hotel via dedicated and isolated areas, directly to their allocated rooms.

Q28. Do the same service staff tend to outside visitors and ASQ guests?

No. A dedicated service team tends to the needs of ASQ guests only, including housekeeping and in-room dining. The dedicated service team wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever they enter the dedicated and isolated ASQ facility, and properly discard thereof when exiting said area in line with the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.

Q29. Do ASQ guests and visitors to the hotel’s restaurants and bars use the same cutlery, crockery and glassware?

No, ASQ guests use separate dedicated cutlery, crockery and glassware that are washed separately in dedicated industrial dishwashers. In addition to closely following the strictest hygiene and sanitation procedures and government requirements, Avani properties have implemented an AvaniSHIELD programme that promotes heightened sanitisation and hygiene measures, with a dedicated Guest Guardian responsible for internal audits based on a series of rigid brand guidelines.

Q30. Can the COVID-19 virus travel from one guest room to another through the hotel’s air-conditioning system?

No. Under ASQ certification all guest rooms at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel have standalone air-conditioning units. Each room’s air-conditioning unit and filters are properly sanitised after the guest checks out.

• These packages are subject to government regulations that apply to all international arrivals into Thailand.
• Additional charges for hospital stays and services may app
• A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation when booking Avani River View Rooms and Avani Panorama River View Rooms. The remaining balance can be paid on arrival.
• Full prepayment is required at the time of reservation when booking all other room types except Avani River View Rooms and Avani Panorama River View Rooms.
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