Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel is committed to preserving our planet for future generations. This is why we have implemented a range of initiatives to protect our planet. We have embraced innovation to minimize our own environmental impact and invite our guests to join us in our sustainability efforts so that travellers can enjoy our destination for many years to come.


Leisure Listing

  • Water Conservation

    45% of the hot water required by the hotel is generated by the solar panels on our roof. All toilets and showers throughout the property are fitted with aerators to minimize water consumption. Greywater is used for irrigation of our green areas, reducing any waste water. We monitor our water usage monthly, with the aim of continuously reducing our needs.
  • Energy Conservation

    Our building façade has a high solar reflective index that reduces air conditioning energy usage. All lighting at Avani Palm View Dubai is LED, which uses 50% less energy than traditional lighting. Our energy usage is monitored monthly, to reduce consumption where possible.
  • Reuse and Recycle

    We collect aluminium cans and glass for recycling, our cooking oil is sent for recycling at a specialized facility. We purchase recyclable packing wherever possible and encourage recycling throughout the hotel.
  • Transport

    We promote the use of Dubai Tram and Monorail. We have electric car charging stations available. Guests can also take advantage of our bicycles to get around.
  • Going Plastic-Free

    At Avani Palm View Dubai, we have an in-house water bottling plant that serves all our restaurants thus eliminating the need for plastic bottles. We use paper pens, paper straws and don’t use plastic in our takeaway packages.
  • Tree Planting

    Avani Palm View supports tree planting in the United Arab Emirates to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Green Practices

    Every effort is made to implement greener practices at our hotel. We don’t use HCFC refrigerants, and we partner with local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We follow an environmental room policy to change sheets every third day for long stay guests and encourage visitors to reuse towels where possible.