Let the stress slip away and leave life’s complications behind. Step into a city-centre sanctuary for simple therapies to soothe your soul. Choose 'Me' or 'We' time with single and couple treatment rooms and find effortless relaxation.





Combining a soothing oil massage with stretching techniques, our signature massage focuses on the shoulders, scapulas, upper arms and upper body.

Medium to strong pressure

Releases muscle tightness • Improves flexibility • Boosts energy


An aromatic oil massage calms you from head to toe, with rhythmic, flowing techniques, as well as full body and facial pressure points.

Light to strong pressure

Coaxes deep relaxation • Reduces insomnia • De-stresses

ENERGY RUSH            

Thai massage is a unique technique, passed down through generations. Nicknamed “passive yoga”, an expert therapist does all the work, while you enjoy the ultimate body workout.

Medium to strong pressure

Improves flexibility • Unblocks energy flow • Relaxing and stimulating


  • For a smooth experience try to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. Enjoy a refreshing beverage, fill out a quick consultation form, and get ready for spa time.
  • We love kids, but the spa isn’t a fun place for them. If you’d like to leave your little ones in safe hands, just call our front office to ask about childcare services.
  • In your newly relaxed state, you might just forget a thing or two after treatment. Leave anything you don’t want to lose in your room.
  • No need to bring cash or a credit card. All treatments are charged to your guest room and are payable at check‐out.
  • Let us know if you can’t make your booked treatment. We’ll need at least four hours’ notice for single treatments and 24 hours for packages. Otherwise, we’ll need to charge you half the cost.
  • Don’t burn up the bliss. Please refrain from sunbathing after aromatherapy treatments.
  • Stubble just gets in the way. Guys, make your decision before any facial treatment: grow or glow?
  • Calm is calling, but not on your phone. Keep the spa peaceful and your mobile in your room.
  • Our spa is already delicately scented. You really don’t need to smoke here.
  • Please arrive on time to enjoy every blissful second of your treatment.